"Arrow" is a new platform based on 3D real map and geospatial data

which can bring immersive gaming experiences to life!

POI (Point of Interest)
POI Data

3D Real Map * In-Game Experiences

The user of this platform can easily edit or customize 3D real map on Unity

by replacing objects or by changing textures according to in-game atmosphere.

In Game Features * Point of Interest

In-game level design associated with real world GIS data, Point of interest,

can create real in-game experiences

Easy for Solo or Indie Developers to start with

Installing AROW, including open source map and POI data, directly onto the developer's server can help keep costs down and aid in developing a solid business scheme.

Prototype Test Build with AROW

Animal Land

Target Release Date: 2018 Fall

Turn known locations into amusement parks! Control your animal cart and explore the city to get the best score! The player can replenish their time by visiting schools or police stations with animal cart. Explore the city, and try to achieve top scores in your area!

Thrown into Zombie (tentative)

Now in progress

Roll a huge sphere in a city full of zombies! Exterminate them to regain control. Customize your sphere to become more powerful! Find out the most effective way to exterminate zombies by looking at geographical structures.

Price Plan

Developers will be billed depending on the number of MAUs in their application.

Detail price list is presently TBA. We currently plan to offer AROW for free when MAU is less than 10K.

Release Timing

In 2019

We are currently looking for co-partners interested in
implemeting our platform in your game for development purposes.

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